General and Artistic Director.
Actress, puppeteer and director José Babin is the Théâtre Incliné’s artistic director. She loves going off the beaten track, searching the roots and conventions of theatre as an alchemist would bend the laws of nature to achieve something entirely new and unexpected. Her specialty is creating unusual juxtapositions of techniques and schools of thought with great results: applying Decroux’s corporeal mime to puppetry, writing dramatic narratives for the stage with lighting design in mind, melding both actor and puppet into a single acting entity, etc. Her groundbreaking work stands out in the midst of all the new trends in puppet theatre for adults in Quebec. Her strongest asset is her sensitive approach to serious themes, playing with them and transforming them in her unique way. Her most recent shows are: Threads and La morsure de l’ange.

GenevieveTherrien2015-4x6GENEVIÈVE THERRIEN
Administrative Director.
After studying photography at CEGEP and earning a BA in visual and media arts at UQÀM, Geneviève shifted towards cultural management. She worked in the performing arts for several years, including at Théâtre Le Clou. A devotee of the arts as well as arts organizations, funding and mechanisms, she finished a graduate diploma in cultural organization management at HEC. Since 2013, she has been co-executive and administrative director with Projet MÛ.


Production and Communications
Co-director of the Theatre Incline since 1997, Alain takes part in many of the company’s productions as lighting designer and creator of shadows and puppets. After following shadow theater masters classes in Teatro Gioco Vita and Cie Amoros et Augustin in Charleville-Mézières (France) in the early 2000, he develops an interest for precise lightings and the use of projections, so specific to the ‘”theatre d’images”. Alain carries his research on shadows live and filmed through his work onstage and directing short-movies.


Audience and Market Development
After a certificate in Art History and a Bachelor of Dramatic Theatrical Studies at UQÀM, Anne-Audrey works in the theatrical and musical world both on the administrative and creative side. Cultural mediator, assistant and director, broadcaster, teacher, she has diversified her practice since graduating from university in 2012.