A Théâtre Incliné production
Director : José Babin
Creative Accomplice : Nadine Walsh
Assistant Director : Karina Bleau and Karine Sauvé
Writing Accomplice : Francine Alepin
Original Music : Guido Del Fabbro
Puppets and Costume Designer : Leigh Gillam
Set Designer : Guy Fortin
Seamstress : Charlotte Veillette
Lighting Designer and Production Manager : Alain Lavallée
Stage manager : Michel Fordin
Sound manager : Thierry Calatayud
Translation : Nadine Desrochers and Dominique Allard
Voices : Kathleen Fee and Susan Glover
Photo©Caroline Laberge

Threads spectacle theatre incline

Coproduction Théâtre Incliné and Marionnettissimo
11 short plays with puppets and objects created in 8 days
2 short films with puppets and shadows created in 8 days

2010 - Writing in situ : Two authors, Marylin Perrault (Laval) and Élie Briceno (Midi-Pyrénées)
2011 - Marionnettes extrêmes #1 (Tournefeuille, France) and #2 (Laval, Québec) : Violaine Steinmann, Ruth Steinthal, Dominique Habouzit, Pierre Gosselin (France) and José Babin, Karina Bleau, Félix Boisvert (Laval)
2012 - Marionnettes extrêmes #3 : Violaine Steinmann, Alain Lavallée, Simon Beaupré, Daniel Virguez.


2009 TRAIN
Japan-Quebec Coproduction - Kio company and Théâtre Incliné
Script : José Babin
Direction: José Babin in collaboration with Kohey Nakadachi
Translation: Minoru Tsunoda
Rehearsal Assistant : Nadine Walsh
Music : Fumiko Hayashi, Kohey Nakadachi,
Noriyuki Yasuda (Sousakugeinoudan Kurobyoshi)
Video : Gamon Nyoze
Shadow theatre and lighting design : Alain Lavallée
Design and building of puppets : José Babin and Alain Lavallée
Set and Costume Design : Yuko Nishida
Building of set, props and costumes (Japan) :
Shirako Shinjyu, Yuko Minami, Koneko Kokonoe
Set painting (Japan) : Yann Becker
Building of set (Quebec) : Jean-René Trudel
Set painting (Quebec) : Jacinthe Duchesneau
Cast : Nobuya Shimamoto, José Babin,
Noriyuki Yasuda, Yuki Isami and Alain Lavallée
Administration : Georgine Vaillant
Graphist : Alain Lavallée
Photos©Yann Becker

2008 RAFALES  (in french)
A creation by Théâtre Incliné and Théâtre populaire d’Acadie,
in coproduction with Marionnettissimo and L'Usine (France).
Perched on the edge of the cliff, they are clutching their graves
so that the wind doesn’t blow them out to sea.
They will reveal their secrets to us,
so that they don’t disappear forever without a trace,
so that they don’t forget who they are.
Script and directed by José Babin.
inspired by stories from Maurice Arsenault, José Babin, Albert Belzile,
Brigitte Harrison, Alain Lavallée and Christiane St-Pierre.
With : José Babin , Julie Duguay, Alain Lavallée, Claire Normand
and Benjamin Proulx-Mathers (soundtrack manipulation).


Script : Larry Tremblay.
Direted by José Babin.
Puppets and shadows : Alain Lavallée.
Set and lighting : Éric Belley.
Sound : Nicolas Letarte.
Costumes : Thalie Savard.
With : Pierre Limoges, Alain Lavallée, Karine Gagnon and Nicolas Letarte.

2004 CARGO
Memories of Quebec and Italy… an invitation to dream about the other shore.
A France-Quebec co-production, created by and starring
Marina Montefusco (Clan des Songes company - Toulouse),
Frédéric Lebrasseur and Martin Bélanger (Ranch-O-banjo - Quebec City)
and José Babin (Théâtre Incliné - Montreal).
A show based on visual theatre, no dialogue,
and aimed at the general public.

2003 THE DOOR KNOCKER("Le Heurtoir") –
Huis clos for puppet, actors and lights
Cellular phone in hand, a man observes a skeleton
and a strange archeologist between two beats of his own heart.
Slowly, as the archeologist digs deeper,
the man is revealed as an artefact and his remains take their place, classified,
with the rest of humanity's bones.
The play written and directed by José Babin,
starring Marcelle Hudon, Stéphane Théorêt and Alain Lavallée.
A show inspired by matter, light and furtive shadows,
accompanied by solo double bass played by Jean-Christian Houde.

2000 ROSINNA'S EYE ("L'Oeil de Rosinna")
A young woman takes care of an old lady in the last days of her life.
Based on Rosinna, a short story by Larry Tremblay,
theatrical adaptation by José Babin.
Starring : Catherine Trudeau, Alain Lavallée and José Babin.
A poetic play without dialogue, for adults and teenagers,
exploring the transversality of body and object.

1997 EXIT ?
The theme of memory is explored through a character
who is hanging from the light fixture in his wardrobe.
Written by José Babin and directed by Onil Melançon,
the play starred José Babin, Sylvain Massé, Alain Lavallée,
Sasha Dominique, Marc-André Roy, Stéphane Théorêt and Guy Leroux.
Produced at Théâtre La Chapelle in January 1997.

1993 CORNERED ("Comme des rats")
Collective piece about performance.
Directed by Graziella Mossa,
the production starred Jacques Le Blanc, José Babin and Alain Dessureault
with Claude Saint-Jean on electric trombone.
Produced at the Salle Fred-Barry in April 1993.

1992 ICARUS OR THE TRAGI-COMEDY OF DESIRE ("Icare, ou la tragi-comédie du désir")
A theatrical essay where text emerges from the rhythms of music.
Music by Claude Saint-Jean and written by José Babin.
Presented at Atelier 26,1 in November 1992,
the public reading starred Céline Bonnier, Daniel Desputeau,
Marcel Pomerlo, François Trudel and Denys Lefebvre.

1992 CRAZY CURTAIN ("Ridofou")
An acrobatic, musical fantasy.
Written by Fred Teyssier, music by Sylvain Lamy
and directed by Réal Bossé,
the show starred José Babin, Fred Teyssier,
Sylvain Lamy and Sophie Tessier.
Co-produced with the Le Golif company
and presented at Fonduementale Restaurant in Montreal, in the summer of 1992.

1991 Enter without knocking ("Entrez sans frapper") Situation comedy featuring characters who evolved from corporeal mime and acrobatics. Written by Fred Teyssier and directed by Réal Bossé, the production starred Denys Lefebvre, François Trudel and José Babin. Produced at Rivière-du-Loup's Maison de la Culture (province of Quebec), in the summer of 1991.
Production Théâtre Incliné
Presented at Musée des civilisations in Québec
With Karèya Audet, Frédéric Lebrasseur, Alain Lavallée and José Babin

Shadows short play presented at Trois Jours de Casteliers in march 2007
Created by Alain Lavallée.
With : Alain Lavallée and Nicolas Letarte.

Created by José Babin andAlain Lavallée.
With José Babin, Yves Simard, Alain Lavallée, Sylvain Letendre,
Jean Christian Houde and Nicolas Letarte.

Created by José Babin and Alain Lavallée.
With José Babin, Michel Vallières and Alain Lavallée.
(Escales Improbables de Montréal, september 2004)

Script : Marc-Antoine Cyr.
Set, puppet and shadows : Alain Lavallée.
With : Karine Gagnon, Alain Lavallée et Michel Vallières.
Rehearsal assistant : José Babin.

Production Code d’Accès and Théâtre Incliné
Présented at Sala Rosa in Montréal
With Karèya Audet, Frédéric Lebrasseur, Olivier Bélanger, Alain Lavallée and José Babin

2002 WRITING FOR THE STAGE WITH LIGHT– Exploration workshop
This workshop, designed to explore ways of using stage lighting and shadow theatre, was the inspiration for the production Le Heurtoir.
Lighting engineer Sylvain Letendre, shadow player Alain Lavallée and director José Babin worked in residence
at the Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui in Montreal. A public workshop, presented at Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui in September 2003,
concluded the research process.

1998–1999 METAMORPHOSIS – Exploration workshop in mime and puppetry
Denise Boulanger, Alain Lavallée and José Babin studied and explored the idea of the transversality of corporeal mime and puppetry.
The process concluded with a public workshop held at Espace Libre in February 1999.

A series of regular training workshops for professional actors. Held at Atelier 26,1 the workshops included, among others,
Voice with Marie-Claude Lefebvre, Mime with Jacques Le Blanc, Dance with Andrew Harwood and Writing For the Stage
with Benoît Dagenais. Denys Lefebvre's workshop [Body & Character] was held as part of the 20 jours du théâtre à risque theatre festival.