Research is at the heart of our work.

Always putting ourselves in danger, for fear of standing still. Always pushing further to meet “the Other”. Digging out the hidden from beneath the obvious. Building a contemporary form of theatre that uses matter to express itself. We dig, we search, we do not imagine ourselves the craftsmen of a knowledge we do not possess. At Théâtre Incliné, we aspire to create a holistic stage where, for us, puppeteering not only animates the figures that move on the stage, but also all the links between body, sets, lighting, music — in other words, all of the materials that go into creating a theatrical image. Part of the story being written comes from within the actors, through all of the visuals and sounds that “interact with them”.

Æsthetics play a part in the story. We are never found where we are expected but rather where our research takes us. This is our brand of subversion. Steer clear of something that works if it does not serve the story. Our show, Threads, carries the voices of women who have been torn and broken throughout all eternity. A sand-coloured mythological tale gave them life, amalgamating women’s bodies with their fragmented limbs and war helmets.

On the other hand, La morsure de l’ange, explores the mental space of an unbalanced character. Filmed shadows appear alongside projectors, screens and scrap metal. The immensity of the North, video images, and now dance inhabit our most recent works. It all comes from within us: the material arises and imposes itself on us during the research periods that precede all of our creations.

José Babin, Artistic Director

Pushing further to meet “the Other”

Taking its inspiration from other cultures, Théâtre Incliné pursues international co-productions with artists from faraway places (France, Italy, Japan, Finland, Norway, Denmark, etc.).

Based in Laval, Québec.

Firmly rooted in its community, Théâtre Incliné takes an active part in the development of the arts in Laval and initiates original, unifying projects. The company creates important cultural mediation activities with new immigrants to Laval as part of their francization period. Théâtre Incliné builds bridges, evolves practices as well as promotes widespread exhibition and international exchanges that foster contacts with “the Other”.