Threads / Le fil blanc

“Listen, my love… Listen, my child… Listen to the river…”

There once was a Mountain-Woman, white as snow, who washed away the woes of the world in the waters of a wide river.

One spring day, she heard the cry of wild horses and the noise of chains forced into their noble mouths.

The next day, amidst horrible sounds of metal and fire, the War-Ogre climbed her flanks.

A tale of sound and fury, but of great love and humanity. Seen through the unusual complicity between a mother and her daughter, this is the story of that spark of life that continues to pulsate its heart beating despite all the horrors endured by a broken land. A mythological tale that is on the side of life…

For this world is desperate for poetry.

Director : José Babin
Creative Accomplice : Nadine Walsh
Assistant Director : Karina Bleau and Karine Sauvé
Writing Accomplice : Francine Alepin
Original Music : Guido Del Fabbro
Puppets and Costume Designer : Leigh Gillam
Set Designer : Guy Fortin
Seamstress : Charlotte Veillette
Lighting Designer and Production Manager : Alain Lavallée
Stage manager  : Michel Fordin
Sound manager : Thierry Calatayud
Translation : Nadine Desrochers and Dominique Allard
Voices : Kathleen Fee and Susan Glover
Promoter : Elise Legrand
Administration : Geneviève Therrien


Professionnal space

Duration : 65 minutes

Public : Adults

Audience : 400

Dimension : 9m / 6,5 m / 5 m (h)

Six people on tour


Presentation (pdf 649 ko)

Technical rider – Europe (pdf 139 ko)

Technical rider – USA (pdf 130 ko)

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