On the Great North of Canada, temperature gradually moves from one community to the other. The average temperature on Kugluktuk is the highest of the Nunavut region, sometimes rising to 30°C in summer, and falling to – 15°C, or even -40°C during winter. The coldest community is Grise Fiord, where summer temperature can sometimes go up to 5°C, and down to -50°C in winter.

Among the Aboriginal people of Canada, Inuit are the original population of the Arctic region of North America. They are more than 150,000 people living on Greenland, Canada, and United States.

Inuktitut language (syllabic Inuktitut : ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ) is part of the four large dialect groups of Inuit language. The Inuktitut is spoken by close to 30,000 people on the Oriental Arctic Canada, in Quebec (Nunivak), on the Baffin Island, and in Nunavut (where it is the official language). In Canada, there are more than 8 different dialects of Inuktitut.

Traditionally, Inuit did not have a particular word to name what we can call « music ». The closest Inuit word would be « nipi », which is a word that also includes sound of music, words, savage animals, natural force, and noise.

The throat singing competition called « Katajjaq » in Inuktitut is the only vocal game of this kind in the world.


The point of view of people living in the North has also been gathered from short story writings inspired by a questionnaire used during expeditions. Those short stories, written by one author from each of the 8 countries touching the Arctic Polar Circle, will serve as creative inspiration. Here are some excerpts.

Listen to the author read the excerpt

A Soft Touch

Before my pockets over flow of eggs, I begin to walk back to our homey tent, this time walking on the rocks of the artic. As I loved the glorious morning, I found one more egg of Imiqqutailaq. The mother and the father of the last egg I picked were fearless of my little arm, as I try to protect my head from getting hit by the angry birds. I ran as fast as I could, yet, as slow as I can to protect our breakfast that sits in my pockets.


My name is Lucy Uyarak Tulugarjuk, a mother, an artist, a co­founder of Artcirq, a youth group in Iglulik that combines modern art with traditional art, and I am a shareholder of Arnait Video Productions. I graduated grade 12 from Atagutaaluk School in Igloolik, NWT (Nunavut), Nunavut Sivuniksavut Program in Ottawa, Ontario, linked to Algonquin College, and Business Administrations certificate from Aurora College in Fort Smith, NT. I am currently a part time Community Justice Coordinator. I live in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.


The creative laboratories are experimentation spaces where we work with puppets, objects and various prototypes. It is the place where the artwork begins to arise!


To feed the creation, we first developed the scenography, the manipulation of the characters and the visual vocabulary while the basis of the LOVESTAR novel adaptation was being written. Here are some pictures of the research work completed in the spring of 2018 in Laval and Chertsey (Québec). Alain Lavallée and José Babin are accompanied by Jacques Laroche (dramaturg), Magali Chouinard (visual artist), Lucile Prosper (assistant director) and Guy Fortin (scenographic installation constructor).

Coproduction: Théâtre Incliné and Théâtre de la Petite Marée.


Last July José flew to Nunavik, in Kangirsuk village, to pursue the second artistic expedition of the nordic cycle. She was joined by Pauyungie Nutaraaluk, producer and host at Nipivut, a Montreal-based inuit radio show.

After exploring the north of Norway in june 2015, those new “steps on the circle” were meant to capture other points of view of the humans of the north. The various norths of our planet. One of her most remarkable encounters happened with Neevie Simigak, a teenage girl with a very clear and driven view of the Artic and of the future. A spirit of a leader, to whom we could grant radio training. On the Nipivut waves, it is possible to listen to the radio show created from the interviews carried out by our dear Neevie.

This expedition has been made possible thanks to the Avataq cultural institute, to Diana Daly, performing art coordinator in Kangirsuk and to Sara Breitkreutz, representing the Montreal-based inuit radio Nipivut.


Here is an overview of three laboratories with author and staging director José Babin, performers Nadine Walsh and Marc-André Goulet, puppets and costumes conceptor Émilie Racine, collaborator Alain Lavallée and dramaturg Pascal Brullemans.

Listen to an excerpt from the creative laboratories


José Babin

Artistic director, performer. staging writing and directing


Actress, puppeteer and director José Babin is the Théâtre Incliné’s artistic director. She loves going off the beaten track, searching the roots and conventions of theatre as an alchemist would bend the laws of nature to achieve something entirely new and unexpected.
Her specialty is creating unusual juxtapositions of techniques and schools of thought with great results: applying Decroux’s corporeal mime to puppetry, writing dramatic narratives for the stage with lighting design in mind, melding both actor and puppet into a single acting entity, etc. Her groundbreaking work stands out in the midst of all the new trends in puppet theatre for adults in Quebec. Her strongest asset is her sensitive approach to serious themes, playing with them and transforming them in her unique way. Her most recent shows are: Threads and La morsure de l’ange.

Pascal Brullemans



For several years now, Pascal Brullemans has pursued research on combinaison of art forms between dramaturgy and performing arts. His projects have conducted him through many countries to realize a large number of collaborations with different stage directors. In 2002, his adaptation of La dame aux camélias received the Quebec Theatre Academy Prize, in the “best regional production” category. In 2005, the creation Hippocampe received the Montreal Critic Prize. Moreover, the Beauté, Chaleur et Mort show received in 2011 the best performance Prize, given by Carte prem1ère organization. After a short introduction to the youth public with the play L’armoire, Brullemans has continued his approach with theater plays sush as Isberg (nominated for the Jugendtheater 2012), and Montres created in 2012. Two of his other youth public plays received the Louise-LaHaye Prize, Vipérine in 2013, and Moi et l’autre in 2015.

Nadine Walsh



In 1999, Nadine completed a baccalaureate in theatre at the University of Quebec in Montreal, which contributed to extend her experience in mimic, dance, puppet, and martial arts disciplines. Today, Nadine works as a performer, puppeteer, and author of contemporary tales. Since 2002, she has presented her tales and storytelling shows on many stages in Quebec, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Her shows Femme pirate and O’ have been presented in Quebec, Fance, and Belgium. Nadine is a performer artist who has a strong presence on stage, and who is a relentless researcher. As an important artist partner of the Theatre Incliné since many years, she has been theater director for Rafales and Train, la promesse de Miyazawa. Moreover, Nadine had been a co-author and performer with José Babin for the show Le Fil blanc; yet, she has been present since the beginning of the elaboration of the project Nordicité, walking on the circle.

Marc-André Goulet

Actor and Dancer


Marc-André Goulet is a graduated student from the École Supérieure de Théâtre of UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) in the interpretation program, as well as graduated student from the Fine Arts School at University of Concordia in the photography program. His artistic approach focuses on a dialogue between theatre, dance, photography, and performativity. Since the last 10 years, Marc-André Goulet works as a physical actor with many organizations including the Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, the Dave St-Pierre Cie, Moment Factory, and many more. His work as a performer has been presented on many continents such as South and North America, Europe, and recently Asia. In Quebec, he works as a performer for a large number of theatre and contemporary dance companies, which give him the opportunity to present his work during festivals and events such as FTA, OFFTA, Montréal underground art festival, Zone Homa and Just For Laugh. Through his master degree in arts started in 2012, he questions the multidisciplinary process related to the use of pictures as part of a performance context. Along with creation, he also teaches the practice of arts since 2011 in prison environment.

Guido Del Fabbro

Music compositor and performer


Guido is a well-known artist of the Quebec musical scene. He is a member of the music groups Rouge Ciel, Rodéoscopique and Ratchet Orchestra. Regularly, he works as a music compositor for the contemporary dance company Les Sœurs Schmutt. Guido has also collaborated as a musician, sound mixer and director of many artist albums such as Philippe B, Groenland, Forêt, Les Soeurs Boulay, Beast, Mara Tremblay, Philémon Cimon, Jérôme Minière, Fanfare Pourpour and Pierre Lapointe. Two of his solo projects have been edited on the label Ambiances Magnétiques, Carré de sable (2003), Agrégats (2007) and Ctenophora (2012) on &records. He has been the invited compositor at Pointe-à-Callière for the Port Symphony in 2014. Guido is currently doing his third collaboration with the Théâtre Incliné. He did create the musical ambiance in two previous shows, Le fil blanc and La morsure de l’Ange. For Nordicité, walking on the circle, he will be present during repetitions since the beginning of work. He will create the musical ambiance during the residency at the NVT, and will also be a music-performer on stage.

Émilie Racine

Staging assistant, puppets and costumes conceptor


Émilie Racine is a puppeteer from Montreal (Quebec, Canada). For her, puppet art is a way to express her interests in conception, fabrication, interpretation, as well as in staging a theatre of images filled-up with onirism and strangeness. In 2013, she received the price of the best creative master thesis in theatre at Quebec University in Montreal. In her artistic approach, Émilie questions the relations between different scenic mediums such as objects, bodies, movements, videos, and scenography, in order to offer a visual dramaturgy released from words. Her shows (dé)cousu(es) and Les Mariés Corbeaux have been presented in different festivals (i.e. : Festival de Casteliers, Vue sur la Relève, Festival international des arts de la marionnette à Saguenay, Montréal Complètement Cirque, Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières). As an awarded grant recipient of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for her up-coming creation on the myth of Perséphone, Émilie is currently working for different companies (i.e.: Roy Box, Théâtre À l’Envers, Cirque du Soleil, Théâtre de la Dame de Cœur, Théâtre Incliné). Since 2011, she teaches at the Cegep of Saint-Hyacinthe for the Arts, Letters and Communication program – Theater Exploration option.

Alexandra Dugal

Technical direction and light design


Graduated from Theatre School of Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, Alexandra is passionate about the world of entertainment since childhood. She first started her career as a lighting technician, profession she practiced in many areas of the entertainment world, from variety shows to corporate events, through projects of permanent installations. Subsequently, she has evolved into Project Manager and Technical Director positions, while keeping the lighting as a primary passion. With a rare blending of creative and cartesian personality, Alexandra is always ready to face new projects out off the beaten track. Among her notable experiences, we should highlight the musical Décembre from Québec Issime, the international tour Cirkopolis with Cirque Éloize, and multiple Quebec and Ontario tours with artists like Dan Bigras and Creation In Vivo.

Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin

Production Director


Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin graduated from the national school of theatre in Canada in 2010 (Production). Since then, she has participated to a large number of creative projects, including collaborations with Patrice Dubois, Éric Jean, Claude Poissant, Olivier Choinière, Philippe Ducros, Nini Bélanger, et Charles Dauphinais. She also worked on tour with theatre companies such as Dynamo Théâtre, Bouches Décousues, Qui va là, PÀP et Les Éternels Pigistes. Recently, she collaborated to circus art with Duo Hoops, as well as to dance art with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal. Cynthia also shares her experience as a production coach at Natiional Theatre School of Canada and at FACE School. The Nordicité, walking on the circle project is her first collaboration with Théâtre Incliné.

Alain Lavallée

 Initiator, light conceptor, shadow master and puppeteer


Co-director of the Theatre Incline since 1997, Alain takes part in many of the company’s productions as lighting designer and creator of shadows and puppets.

After following shadow theater masters classes in Teatro Gioco Vita and Cie Amoros et Augustin in Charleville- Mézières (France) in the early 2000, he develops an interest for precise lightings and the use of projections, so specific to the ‘”theatre d’images”. Alain carries his research on shadows live and filmed through his work onstage and directing short-movies.

Francine Alepin

Artistic counsellor (Quebec)


Theatre director, actor and professor, Francine Alepin has been working on physical theatre for four decades. After working with Paul Buissonneau at La Roulote, she has completed her training at the Montreal School of Mime where she taught until 2007. In 1981, she initiated a long artistic adventure with among others the Omnibus Company, and took on over sixty roles ranging from classical to contemporary. She staged texts from Larry Tremblay, Michael Mackenzie and Emma Haché. She created and directed physical theatre pieces, notably Transeuntes (Barcelona), Latitudes croisées (Mexico-France-Quebec), Les Zérocrate, and traveled with the two soli La Glaneuse de gestes and Éphémérides, LKC.

She has been the companion of creators from various artistic fields and participated in creating multidisciplinary performances that intend to question the common forms of theater and its potential interbreeding. Parallel to her career as creator and actor, she graduated with a university degree in theatre (UQÀM) and analysis of the movement (Laban/ Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies de New York). She has been a professor at the École supérieure de théâtre de l’UQAM since 2005 and is currently the director of Graduate Studies of the Theatre Program.

Simon Beaupré

Writer and director


Handy artist, Simon Beaupré likes to explore all kinds of cinema making. After graduating with a cinema degree from Université de Montréal, he starts working on his own fiction and stop motion projects. Attracted to this new medium, he goes on studying animation at Concordia University before working for various animation and after effects studios. Parallel to this, he directs several independent movies, in animation as well as fiction. Since 2009 he is an active member of the Montreal Kino movement, where he often presents his movies. He has a very independent style and enjoys using different techniques and artistic influences to give birth to his creations. In 2013, he wins the best movie award from Fidena (Germany) and Cinemagine (Calgary) with his short-movie Drenica, a docu-fiction mixing puppetry, animation and shadows and the first collaboration with Théâtre Incliné.

Jacques Laroche

Adaptation of the novel and dramaturg


Jacques Laroche has been at the heart of theatre creation in Quebec for many years. After completing his training at the Conservatoire des arts dramatiques in Quebec City in 1993, he moved to London to study clown and buffoon with Philippe Gaulier. Jacques Laroche is the artistic director of Théâtre de la Petite Marée since 2008 and was among the organization’s very first collaborators. Author, director, actor and accomplished puppeteer, he regularly works with various companies in Quebec and in Europe (Belgium, France, Romania). He is one of the main actors of the « Le sous-marin jaune » theatre. He has directed, among other pieces, Petite Rochelle, Le merveilleux voyage de Réal de Montréal, La mère Troll, and Otomonogatari - L'éveil d'une oreille. He teaches at the National Theater School of Canada.

Magali Chouinard

Puppet designer and creator


Magali Chouinard is a multidisciplinary artist. The female body, movement, presence and interiority lie at the heart of her poetic and visual research. Thirty years of exploration – drawing, sculpture, installation art, performance and writing – have been converging since 2008 towards the art of puppetry and its ability to bring movement to her visual landscape.

Linda Brunelle



Linda Brunelle is a graduate of Collège Lionel-Groulx in Ste-Thérèse. It is with the directors Claude Poissant and Martin Faucher that she creates her unique signature. Her creations have been seen on several stages in Quebec, but also in Canada and abroad. In particular, the "Nebbia" and "ID" shows of Cirque Éloize. In addition to her work in theater and circus, she has collaborated on various dance, film and opera projects with Quebec, Canadian and European directors and choreographers. : Lorraine Pintal, Alice Ronfard, Gervais Gaudreault, Éric Jean, Matthew Jocelyn, Alexia Bürger, Ginette Laurin, Pierre-Paul Savoie, Hélène Langevin, Keith Turnbull and Vincent Goethals among others. Her most recent achievements include her participation in the creation of Sylvain Scott's show (Je suis William, Théâtre du Clou), Denis Marleau’s (Le Tigre bleu de l’Euphrate, Théâtre de Quat'sous), Gervais Gaudreault’s (Gretel et Hansel, Théâtre du Carrousel), and Frédéric Dubois’s (Les Chaises, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde). In June 2015, she represented Québec at the "Costume at the Turn of the Century 1990-2015" exhibition at the A.A Bakhrushin State Central Theater in Moscow, Russia. Since 2004, she teaches costume design as a visiting professor at the National Theater School of Canada and at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Guy Fortin

Production of the scenographic display


After completing a training in aviation, Guy obtained an interdisciplinary degree from the Université du Québec in Chicoutimi. He has since been navigating between the two worlds, combining his artistic passion with the design of complex mechanical systems. He has worked as a graphic designer, sculptor, designer and animator and contributed his expertise and imagination to the Robert Lepage, Les Deux Mondes and the Cirque du Soleil companies. With the Théâtre Incliné, he conceived the scenography for the show Threads in 2012 and created the puppet of the old man in La morsure de l'ange in 2015.

Lucile Prosper

Stage director assistant


Trained in the art of puppetry at Le Théâtre aux Mains Nues (2011), Lucile completed her studies with a Specialized Studies Degree in Contemporary Puppet Theater from University du Québec à Montréal (2013). She worked as a hand puppeteer with Alain and Eloi Recoing, Pierre Blaise and Nicolas Gousseff. Lucile learned various types of puppetry with Johanny Bert, Marthe Adam and Johanne Rodrigue, as well as other types of performing arts such as street theatre, clown and dance. Lucile is working on the stage/audience proximity relationship through puppetry off the beaten track. Passionate about movement and masks, she explores and mixes genre and spaces to encounter audiences through her travels.

Geneviève Therrien

Director of production


After a college’s degree in photography and a bachelor's degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQÀM, Geneviève turned to cultural management and completed a DESS at HEC Montreal. She has been working in the performing arts scene for about fifteen years. Administrative Director at Théâtre Incliné for the past 4 years, she has been supporting the company in the development of the Nordic cycle from the beginning. Since 2013, she has also held the position of Co-Director General within Projet MÛ.

Anne Lalancette

Script writer


Anne Lalancette discovered puppetry in the spring of 2004, when she completed a certificate in cinema script writing at UQAM. In 2007, Anne co-realized her first show Le grand cirque minuscule. She was later hired by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop company for the creation of The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan. In 2012, she joined Théâtre de l'Oeil for the show Corbeau and that same year, as she develops a profound friendship with the creators of Théâtre de la Pire Espèce, she coproduced an object theatre show, Le déchiqueteur. In 2015, Anne co-founded La ruée vers l'or, the company with which she created the show for adults Pommes de route. Anne also appeared on television (Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs, Les Hipaloulas, Robax, Bye Bye 2017) and in films (Riddick, Sale Gueule, From Naughty to Nice). In the fall of 2017, Anne wrote and directed her first short-movie: Desmaraisville. The script-writing of SILENCE is her first collaboration with Théâtre Incliné.

Caroline Caza



Caroline is an animation artist with a multidisciplinary background. She started studying fine arts at Collège de Valleyfield and continued into theatre at UQAM, graduating with a Masters’ degree. She is very inspired by Kandinsky’s theories, which she explored in her Masters’ thesis, transposing shape, colour and sound into the narrative and characters. She thereafter trained in 2D and 3D animation at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal and Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne. She has worked as an illustrator on various animation television series and directs her own independent animation movies presented in various festivals around the world.

Félix Boisvert (Canada)

Sound designer


Félix Boisvert studied composition at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal. His approach is based on the desire to express music as an artistic form that is not limited to sounds. As a multidisciplinary artist (puppetry, music, digital arts, dance) he conceived shows such as Concerto au sol, Lune et l'autre, Pas à pas and Manu danse. He co-managed a space dedicated to the creation and experimentation of multidisciplinary projects. He collaborated with numerous artists and companies from all artistic fields: Kid Koala, Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque, Les sept doigts de la main, Nicolas Cantin, Karina, Antonin Monmart, Guillaume Saladin to name a few. He also teaches music in schools in Quebec with the Fonofone, a music instrument he developed.


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