The Swedish scientific and industrial manager Alfred Nobel (1833-1986), the inventor of the dynamite and other explosives, bequeathed his fortune for the creation of the Nobel Prize (in Swedish Nobelpriset). It is a prestigious international prize that is given each year to important awarded people in five categories: physics, chemical, psychology, medicine, literature, and peace between nations.
Scandinavia (in the strict sense of the word) regroups three countries that share a common story and culture. Indeed, Swedish, Norway and Denmark would be the original ground for part of the Germanic and Viking population.
Laponia (Sápmi for Sámi) is a boreal European region situated in the North of Finland, Norway, Swedish, and Kola Island in Russia. Laponia is considerate as the territory of Sámi. This nomad group living in the Grant North is currently the last Aboriginal community of Europe.
The Swedish language uses an alphabet of 29 letters: the 26 basic letters of the Latin alphabet, and three additional letters. Those three graphemes are considerate as singular letters, and are situated after the letter Z in the alphabetic order : Å, Ä and Ö.


The point of view of people living in the North has also been gathered from short story writings inspired by a questionnaire used during expeditions. Those short stories, written by one author from each of the 8 countries touching the Arctic Polar Circle, will serve as creative inspiration. Here are some excerpts.

Everlasting Darkness “But mostly we met in a time of everlasting darkness because I was broken beyond repair back then. I had, to be honest, ceased to function as a human being. I seldom took a shower. I was afraid of mail. I slept away the days and spent the everlasting nights in my tiny apartment drinking pitch black coffee like it was mountain water. I had tried a few times to write a suicide note” (but writing comes hard for me).

Listen to the author read an excerpt


Rasmus Lindberg is a Swedish playwright and educated stage director at STDH (Stockholm University of Dramatic Arts). He has written 15 plays that has been translated to french, english, german, russina, croatian and georgian. He has been awarded the ”Henning Mankell Award” and the ”Henrik Ibsen award” for his playwriting. For the last six years, he has been a resident playwright and stage director at Norrbottensteatern in Luleå (the regional theatre of the northeast part of Sweden), where he also is residing with his fiancee and two daughters.
Photo Credit : Martin Diegelman


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