The project takes its artistic inspiration in various Nordic expeditions. The first took place in June 2015 in Norway, the second in July 2016 in Nunavik in the North of Quebec and the third in June 2018 in Iceland.


The second play of the cycle is based on Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason’s novel LOVESTAR. The story takes place in a futuristic Iceland where the Öxnadalur Valley, the lava fields, the coal plant and the Reykjavik suburb apartments are part of the author’s inspiration.

In June 2018, Andri invited Alain Lavallée and José Babin for a visit to the sites mentioned in his novel: Sigridur and Indridi’s apartment, Lovestar headquarters, LoveDeath’s location, the plover factory, the river where the lovers first meet…

Enriched by the many discussions with the author, the expedition transformed into an ‘’in situ’’ residence where fiction became deeply rooted in real sensations. This pilgrimage in another Nordic territory nourished the adaptation process of the novel and is a great source of inspiration for the development of the play.

…It is also where we understood why Andri likes birds.


Last July José flew to Nunavik, in Kangirsuk village, to pursue the second artistic expedition of the nordic cycle. She was joined by Pauyungie Nutaraaluk, producer and host at Nipivut, a Montreal-based inuit radio show.

After exploring the north of Norway in june 2015, those new “steps on the circle” were meant to capture other points of view of the humans of the north. The various norths of our planet. One of her most remarkable encounters happened with Neevie Simigak, a teenage girl with a very clear and driven view of the Artic and of the future. A spirit of a leader, to whom we could grant radio training. On the Nipivut waves, it is possible to listen to the radio show created from the interviews carried out by our dear Neevie.

This expedition has been made possible thanks to the Avataq cultural institute, to Diana Daly, performing art coordinator in Kangirsuk and to Sara Breitkreutz, representing the Montreal-based inuit radio Nipivut.


Listen to the author read an excerpt

Écoutez la chanson de Silie


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