Freely inspired by the novel from ANDRI SNÆR MAGNASON

In a dystopic reality, scientist LoveStar wants to improve the world. She studies birds and, inspired by their way of communication, she invents the wireless humanity. Everyone is happy... until LoveStar's greedy partner perverts her bright ideas to create a system that puts the planet in danger. Aiming for a better world, two young lovers will fight against the absurdity of a system which has lost grip on all human values and they will give earth another chance.

No dialog family show

What if we could use the waves of the birds to create wireless communication…

And if the deceased could become shooting stars…

And if the cyborg rooster could ring any time of day whenever we wished…

And if our favorite animal could dispense candies…

And if the she-wolf could swallow us to keep us warm in her belly…

Adults of today are preparing the world for the adults of tomorrow. We must make the right choices for our children’s future. The play LoveStar addresses this important issue with humour and a surrealistic aesthetic inspired by today’s pervasive technology.




Visual theater company, Théâtre Incliné explores new inspiring places while creating an original artistic form in which bodies, matter, sound and images each composes a detail of a picture in constant movement. Each new project is rooted in a specific territory that inspires the inquiring minds and creators of the company.

Théâtre de la Petite Marée’s mandate is to create, produce and present in Bonaventure and on tour, deep and playful pieces which bring together all types of audience. Since its creation in 1994, the company has worked passionately at diversifying professional theatre in the eastern region of Quebec. Its main mission is to each year, offer a free adaptation or original creation to its public composed of families from all horizons. Absolutely unique, the company explores theatrical formats from Buffon to puppetry and unleashes its inspirations to tell stories that dazzle, startle and move its public.



To feed the creation, we first developed the scenography, the manipulation of the characters and the visual vocabulary while the basis of the LOVESTAR novel adaptation was being written. Here are some pictures of the research work completed in the spring of 2018 in Laval and Chertsey (Québec). Alain Lavallée and José Babin are accompanied by Jacques Laroche (dramaturg), Magali Chouinard (visual artist), Lucile Prosper (assistant director) and Guy Fortin (scenographic installation constructor).

Coproduction: Théâtre Incliné and Théâtre de la Petite Marée.


The second play of the cycle is based on Icelandic author Andri Snær Magnason’s novel LOVESTAR. The story takes place in a futuristic Iceland where the Öxnadalur Valley, the lava fields, the coal plant and the Reykjavik suburb apartments are part of the author’s inspiration.

In June 2018, Andri invited Alain Lavallée and José Babin for a visit to the sites mentioned in his novel: Sigridur and Indridi’s apartment, Lovestar headquarters, LoveDeath’s location, the plover factory, the river where the lovers first meet…

Enriched by the many discussions with the author, the expedition transformed into an ‘’in situ’’ residence where fiction became deeply rooted in real sensations. This pilgrimage in another Nordic territory nourished the adaptation process of the novel and is a great source of inspiration for the development of the play.

…It is also where we understood why Andri likes birds.


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