Inspired by the short stories written by our circumpolar authors, the short films apply the techniques used in onstage puppetry, object manipulation, lights and shadows to the creation of unique digital pieces.

SILENCE is the worried look of a young woman from the North on the transformation of our land in the face of ecological upheavals, the exodus of our fauna and soon of our populations. Created with Neevie Simigak, a young Inuk encountered during an expedition to Nunavik, the short film SILENCE is a silent cry.

The film draws its inspiration from two circumpolar short stories written as part of the Nordic cycle. One, from Alexander Seryakov, comes from northern Russia and the other, from Pipaluk Løgstrop, is of Greenlandic origin. Both speak to us in their own way of transformation and hope. Image processing, animation and filmed shadows tint the short film with a poetic and impressionistic framework in which music replaces words.


Directed by Alain Lavallée
Script: Anne Lalancette
Inspired by the short stories of Pipaluk Løgstrop (Greenland) and Alexander Seryakov (Russia)
Conception of shadows and edition: Alain Lavallée
Artistic direction and puppeteer: José Babin
Cast: Neevie Simigak
With the participation of José Babin, Danielle Lévesque and Robert Beausoleil
Sound design: Felix Boisvert
Design and creation of the wolf puppet: Magali Chouinard
Animation: Caroline Caza
Visual treatment: Simon Beaupré
Producer: Geneviève Therrien


Created in six days.A coproduction between Theatre Incline and the Arctic Arts Summit (Norway) with the support of the Nordland Visual Theatre.

When a giant hole appears at the limit of the arctic, the walking fishes are left with a hard choice to make. Struggling with the unknown fate or diving away. The latest seems even more tempting since a new salesman offers deals for relocation in the south. Fish Hole is a geologic tale that brings about the questions of appropriation of the territory and the danger to let others decide where and how we should live.


Written and directed by: Simon Beaupré
Based on Kári Tullinius’s short story: The hollow earth
Initiator and artistic director: José Babin
Initiator, light designer and shadow master:Alain Lavallée
Puppeteers: Alain Lavallée, José Babin, Anatolii Gushchin
Composer and sound designer: Anatoly Gonye
Puppet designer: Anatolii Gushchin
Set builder: Jack Markussen
Editor and VFX supervisor: Simon Beaupré
Additional VFX team (Alchemy24): Jean-Francois Ferland, Patrick Lemay-Hardy, Marie-Claude Lafontaine


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