Russia is the biggest country of the world in terms of surface. In facts, its surface is even bigger than Pluton! 77 % of Russia is attributed to the region of Siberia. A long time ago, Alaska was indeed part of Russia, but the territory had been bought by the United States in 1867.
Russian population speaks many hundreds of different languages classified in 14 linguistic families, including the Indo-European, the Uralic, and the Yukaghir languages, among others.
The closest region of the North of Russia is named the « Northern Ground » (Северная Земля, Severnaïa Zemlia in Russia). This region had been put on a map only in 1933, which makes it actually the last archipelago discovered. Presently, this archipelago is inhabited.
20 % of the unfrozen fresh water on earth can be found in only one Russian lake, the Baïkal lake.


Anatolii Gushchin

Puppet designer and puppeteer

Anatolii Gushchin is a puppeteer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He graduated from the State Academy of Theatre Arts as actor of puppet theatre, but a few years ago he started working as director, puppet builder, set and sound designer designer. In this capacity he created two performances for little children with the Bolshoy Puppet Theater of Saint Petersburg. He also teaches acting to two groups of students in the Academy. Anatolii is a good husband, father and friend. People who worked with him are convinced that he never sleeps.


Anatoly Gonye

Composer and sound designer

Anatoly's primary place of employment is in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He works in theaters, cinema production, music bands. He has taken part in the creation of more than 60 performances as the sound designer, composer and music director. In Russia, he mainly works with the directors Ruslan Kudashov and Yana Tumina. Anatoly has made a show-concert-performance named Nirvanapathy in Saint Petersburg’s Bolshoy Puppet Theater in which he is the frontman. Besides working in different russian сities, Anatoly has released several performances as a composer in Europe. He received the St. Petersburg award "Harlequin" for the best musical design for a performance Far away that makes guest appearances all over the world. One of his favorite tours was with the performance "Kholstomer" based on the story by Leo Tolstoy and which was presented in the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York city.



The point of view of people living in the North has also been gathered from short story writings inspired by a questionnaire used during expeditions. Those short stories, written by one author from each of the 8 countries touching the Arctic Polar Circle, will serve as creative inspiration. Here are some excerpts.

Listen to the author read an excerpt

What makes me sad
Coming closer, the boy saw a bird in the swamp covered with an oil slick. The bird was trying to escape from its captivity in the viscous liquid manure, and the more it tries to move, the more oil covered the bird. Soon the black­and­ginger liquid hit in the throat, and futile efforts to soar up into the inbred sky faded till the very last second. The inability to breathe in its death throes... The boy's eyes started to cover with tears as he watched the bird’s death throes with its convulsions brought upon by its inability to breathe. Unable to get through the swamp and help the small creature, the boy felt despair and helplessness. As the lifeless body of the bird slowly sank into the depths, the boy’s faith in the good intentions of oil companies faded away. That day is imprinted into the boy’s memory as a day of great sorrow.


Alexander Seryakov was born 11 January 1982 in Usinsk, which is in the North of the Komi Republic, Russia. He received specialist degree in management from Syktyvkar State University in 2004. The same year he joined Department of economic theory and corporate governance as researcher. During 2005-2010 he studied corporate social and ecological responsibility of primary sector companies in the Komi Republic. During 2009 he was consulting working group of Komi Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences in the project “Social and labor problems of northern territories: state, tendencies, resolution mechanism”. Since 2009 he was engaged into international projects and was among signees of UN Global Compact initiative at the University. In 2010 he received Award from the Head of the Komi Republic for “scientific research, that have significant importance for social and economic development of the Komi Republic”. Since 2010 he is leading the international projects office at Syktyvkar State University. In 2010-2013 he served as member of Barents Euro-Arctic Council Joint Working Group on Education and Research. In 2011-2015 was visiting lecturer in higher educational institutions in Finland. Since 2014 is the leader of Thematic network for environmental training and education for sustainable development at the University of the Arctic. Author of 20 articles and two co-authored books.


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